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10 Years of Submission

I woke lying next to the man I have loved for 10 years the man that I have spent the last 10 years submitting to. I watched him while he slept and wondered if he knew what day it was and what significance it held to me, to us and our relationship. These last 10 years have been wonderful, trying, hard and informative.


Ten years ago I decided to become his submissive and 10 years ago he decided to accept me as his submissive and that day we would also become more than Master and submissive. That day I knew that my life was about to change forever, little did I know how much better my life would become and how much I would love and respect someone who had so much control over my life. And to be honest I knew that I loved him from that very first day, I don't know what it was about him maybe all the conversations that we had or maybe the fact that he seems to generally want to know how I feel and that he really did care about me and it could be from the moment we meet, I felt safe. I thought that day that I would become a weaker version of myself, but he has made me stronger and more secure with myself and for that I will always be grateful. Now is my time to show him what he had done for me and how appreciative of him I am. So I have planned a romantic evening for the two of us, where I plan to serve and service him. I want to put him on a pedestal for the evening, doing all the things that he enjoys having me do to him.


The alarm then sounds, sending my erotic thoughts out the window and back into my daily morning routine. I got up and headed to the kitchen to make the coffee and then headed back to the bedroom to wake Daddy and have him get into the shower and get ready for work. I went and got us coffee and then decided it was time to make sure he was extra clean so I stripped and got into the shower with him.


"Daddy, I think you missed a spot." I reached for the sponge and began to wash his back and then turned him around, continuing to wash the front of him.


"Princess, what are you doing?" He says as he reaches for my hands right before they reach his growing length.


"Well, Daddy like I said, I thought you missed a spot and wanted to make sure that you were completely clean and fresh to start your day." I then kissed him and felt him grow harder as I pressed my body into his.


I then stepped back resisting the urge to reach for him and feel his hardness in my hands, and stepped out of the shower. "I don't want you to be late today, I know that you have some important meetings to attend and I have some things that I have to attend to today as well."


"Stop, Princess." He said with a masterful tone.


"Yes Daddy?" I said, in my sweetest most innocent voice, not turning around to look at him.


"Go to the bed lay down on your stomach, ass in the air," he said in that same masterful tone.


I walked to the bed and did exactly as I was instructed, he knew I was wet and ready for him, but what I didn't know was what I was going to be getting. There were two ways this could end either I was going to be fucked or I was going to be punished for starting something that couldn't be finished. It didn't take him long and he was standing next to the bed rubbing my ass, knowing that I was getting wetter and wetter by the second in anticipation of what was to come. Before I knew it he was thrusting into me hard, over and over again. Stopping every so often to smack my ass, my punishment for making him late, but we both know that this is far from a punishment we were both enjoying it too much.


"Princess, you know that this is not over, I know what today is and we will continue with your punishment once I get home," he whispered into my ear before he pulled out of me and got dressed for work, leaving my scent on him. He then walked up behind me smacked my ass one more time and said, "You may get dressed now."


I smiled at him and said, "Yes Daddy," and got dressed.


The day seemed to fly by and I didn't think that I was going to get everything done on time but I did even with time to spare. The house was spotless, minus the rose petals that I placed on the floor, the candles were lit and dinner was finished, the only thing left for me to do was to strip naked, and wait for Daddy to come home.


I was in the kitchen; checking to make sure dinner wasn't burning when he walked in and looked at me quizzically, probably wonder what the hell was going on.


I walked over to him, kissed him on the cheek, took his bags from him and asked how his day was, like nothing was going on.


"Princess, don't talk to me like nothing is happening. Why are you naked? It's not that I don't like it, because I love coming home to a naked woman, but why?" He said, walking over to me and wrapping his arms around me.


"Daddy today is a special day, so I thought that I would make this day special for you, like you have made the last 10 years special for me." I said, turning in his arms and looking up at him with love and lust in my eyes.


I leaned up and kissed him with passion and love, I wanted him to know that I meant what I said. I wanted him to know that with that kiss I loved him more than ever and that tonight was going to be extra special.


"Daddy, please have a seat at the table, I want to serve you dinner, I made your favorite." I said as unwrapped my arms from him.


He then walked to the table and sat down, I quickly plated up his dinner and served him with my best seductive come get me face. We ate in silence, watching each other neither of us wanting to look way. We finished and cleared the plates and walked over to Daddy and took his hand in mine and lead him over to the couch not saying a word.

I bent down and removed his shoes, and began to rub his feet and massage up his calves and thighs. Not knowing how long he is going to let me have control, but for now I am enjoying being able to do these things for him.


"Princess, it is time for you to walk to bedroom and assume the position." He said using that same masterful tone he used on me this morning.


"Yes Daddy." I said as I lowered my head and walked to our bedroom.


I kneeled down at the foot of the bed and waited for Daddy to come to our room. I heard him enter the room and go to the drawer, I then felt him blindfold me and help me stand and lead me to our bed.


"Princess, it is time for me to take over, you will do exactly as I say and ask no questions." He said.


"Lie down on your stomach, spread your arms and your legs." He then cuffed my arms and legs to the bed. "Princess, what you are going to feel next will be wet and then warm with my touch. I want you to feel everything that I do to you; I want your sense of touch heightened so that you will be wiggling with anticipation not knowing where I am going to touch you next."


I lay there quietly, not moving wondering when he was going to touch me, and then I felt him as he began to massage my back, neck and shoulders. My skin began to warm and my body began to tingle from his touch. This isn't how I wanted things to go this evening but I am still enjoying every minute of it.


She is lying there so perfectly still, my little princess, doing exactly what she was told to do. I wonder if she realizes how much I love her and that I can't wait for the next ten years of our lives together. She is so perfect, so willing to please me, everything that I have wanted in a submissive and partner. Tonight though, she will know when I place her new collar on her and she sparkles just like a princess should.


"Princess, what color are you, and how are you feeling?" I asked as I continued to massage her.


"Daddy, I am green and I am feeling relaxed and calm." She said quietly.


I could tell that she was relaxed and would not be expecting what was coming next. I went to the dresser and pulled out the belt and the butt plug, time to finish what was started this morning. I started rubbing her ass and preparing her to take the butt plug; she was ready, more ready than I thought she would be.


As I got off the bed I said, "Remember this morning and how I was late for work and how I said that would finish this when I got home?" I didn't wait for her to answer and gave her one swat with the belt, to which she said one. "I have trained you so well Princess, you know what is expected and I don't have to remind you. I don't know what I would do if I had to start over with another." Swat. "You are perfect for me I don't want another, it has always been you and will always be you."




"Three." She said a little more gritted.


I knew this was hurting her but I also knew that she loved every minute of it; one more should be enough for now.




"Four." She said, trying not to cry.


"Princess, I think that is enough for now, hopefully you will remember what time I have to be at work and that I can't be late." I said as I began to rub cream on the red marks.


I reached between her legs and felt her sex and I knew that she was ready for me, but I decided the teasing was not yet done, so I turned the butt plug on and let it vibrate in her ass for a few minutes while I prepared the next step of my plan for the evening. I knew all of her wants and desires; I know that she wants to try wax play so what a better time to start.


I grabbed a special candle I lit earlier and began to drip warm wax over her back. "Lay still, I will be right back, I think this would be more fun with just one more thing." I then headed to the kitchen to grab some ice.

"Ahh." She said as I took the ice cube down her spine.


I then quickly grabbed the wax and following the same path I dripped the wax down her spine warming her back up. It wasn't long before I had her covered in wax and wiggling with anticipation. I directed her to lie still so that I could remove the wax and the butt plug and see that she was properly rewarded for following all of my instructions. I then removed the cuffs from her ankles and wrists and told her to lie on her back, knees bent and I left the blindfold in place.


"Princess you have been very good to me for the past 10 years and for that you will be rewarded but not before I make you come and have my way with you." I said as I positioned my head between her legs and began lick and taste the very core of her sex.


She begged me to let her come, but I made her wait as I continued to make love to her. She continued to beg, but I knew that she could hold out for a little longer, I felt her body tighten around me and told her it was time and she didn't fail me; she came with force and began to milk me which triggered my own forceful orgasm. We lay next to each other spent, panting and worn out.


"Princess, I love you and I don't think I have ever loved anyone the way that I love you. I have something for you, remove your collar." I said.


She complied, but had a sad look on her face like she lost her most prized possession.


"Keep the blindfold on, until I remove it." I said as she reached to remove it. I waited a few moments then reached over and untied the blindfold but instructed her to keep her eyes closed.


I sat in front of her holding an opened box, and told her to open her eyes, she opened them looked at me and then at the box and then at me again and began to cry.


"Princess this is your new collar, you are to wear this at all times. I don't want to see you without it unless I instruct you otherwise." I then reached into the box and removed the diamond necklace and placed it around her neck.


"Oh, Daddy it is absolutely beautiful, I love it and I love you forever and always. I have known it since the moment we meant." She said, as she leaned in and kissed me.


This is one anniversary that neither of us will forget. Hopefully in another 10 years we will be able to do it all over again, I thought to myself.


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