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Some of my favorite Authors.

TS Joyce is an amazing paranormal romance author.   She writes about shifters, dragons, lions, bears and crows but not your average everyone is perfect story and it ends with just being more perfect when they are together.

Her shifters are average everyday people with real people struggles and trials.  They may not all be financially wealthy but they all always seem to have what they need at the time they need it. 

Every story ties to her magic number 1010, and I can't begin to tell you everything that 1010 means but what I can tell you is that you need to read her books to find out exactly what 1010 means to her, her characters and you.

To me her stories always hit home because of the realness and relatability to her characters and she even has one named after me, well my real name and I know in my heart that she did this on purpose just to make me smile.

If you get the chance follow her on Facebook and Instagram.  She is a real person, what I mean is you don't always see her pictures showing her perfectly styled and beautiful you will see her real sometime with messy bun hair or deadline days with bedhead but that's just her the real her and anyone who follows her loves her for it.

Please feel free to stalk her here:




T S Joyce

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