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She wanted him and he wanted her. It took all she had to get through the day as he was her main distraction. All she thought about was him.


They met online, the typical way it seems now a days to meet someone. Things started out well, good conversation, he was always picking her brain, always wanted to know what she was thinking and how she felt. They spent a few moments together when they could and those times were great. However, she wanted more of those times, see he was busy, he worked hard and she admired that about him, but she did wish that he had more time to spend with her. He was a dominate man, and she liked that, she wanted a man who knew how to take control and wanted to take control because frankly she was tired of being in control of everything all the time. In her last relationship she was the one in control and although it wasn't horrible, she wanted a strong man in her life, a man who was able to be a man in every sense of the word both in and out of the bedroom. And that was him her consistent distraction the one man she couldn't get out of her head.


Then it happened, they had their day together.


"Hi babe," She said as she leaned over and kissed him. "I have missed the way that you feel on my lips, the way you taste."


"Me too," He said as he looked into her eyes. "I have an incredible evening planned for us, we are going to dinner and then back to my place for some conversation.  I want to continue to pick your brain and find out everything that I can about you. Then we are going to go to bed and you are going to wake up to breakfast."


"That sounds wonderful," She said with a smile on her face.


They went to dinner and the conversation flowed easily from them both. It was like they were old friends getting reacquainted after not seeing each other for a few years. The time had seemed to fly by because before they knew it the bill was paid and they were headed to his place. Once they arrived he gave her the grand tour, she thought his home was amazing and it seemed to fit him from what she had known of him so far. They finally settled in the living room with a glass of wine and continued their conversation.


"How are you feeling being here?" He asked.


"Honestly, right now I am a little nervous. I have been waiting and wanting this moment for so long and now here it is and I am nervous." She said taking a sip of wine.


"Don't be nervous, nothing will happen that you don't want to happen." He said tenderly to her.


"The problem is, is that I want everything to happen. I want to feel you, every part of you. I want to kiss you and to taste you." She said nervously.


"Then it will happen, don't be nervous. I want the same thing; I have wanted it for a while now. But there is something that you should know, I need to have control, be in control in the bedroom, you need to listen and do everything that I say no matter what. I will not hurt you nor will I do anything that you are not comfortable with, but know that I must have control." He said as he looked into her eyes.


She could see the passion in him, his need for control, his desire for her and the key thing trust. That was all she needed to see in order to give herself to him. "Then I am yours, yours to control, yours do with as you see fit."


And with that, he took her hand and led her to his room. Instructing her to strip as he wanted to look at her every inch of her body and she did as she was instructed to do. She was getting soaking wet every second she stood there naked while he looked at her.


He then walked up to her and kissed her and ran his hands all over her body, juices flowing down her legs, he could feel it as well. He knew she was ready for him and it wouldn't be long now before they both got what they wanted. He guided her to the bed and laid her down on the satin sheets as he got undressed, he then lay beside her and began to touch her bringing her close to climax.


"Whatever you do, don't come until I tell you." He said as he moved himself to her entrance.


"Please." She said breathlessly.


He entered her and they both new at that moment that this was right, they felt so good together. They fit together like two puzzle pieces. He knew neither of them could hold out for much longer, he whispered in her ear, come for me, and she did, they both did. They both knew nothing would ever be the same for either of them again.


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