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Below you will find different short stories that I have written, I hope that you enjoy them.  And if you could please leave a comment with what you thought of the story.

See what happens when a well known photographer stumbles upon 2 beautiful women and their intiamate encounter.

Find out what happens when Vicki goes to Vegas after finding out her live in boyfriend is sleeping with the neighbor.

What happens when a couple finally gets to have thier night together.  Will it be everything they imagined it to be or willl they crash and burn?

10 years ago they decided to commit to each other, he her master and she his submissive.  This is the story of there kinky 10 year anniversery.

Feeling like something is missing Amie wants to open her relationship up with Rick and invite another man in, will they all get their happily ever after or will it end in disaster?

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