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The Photo's

It's Saturday morning when Jeff gets out of bed and realizes that the light is perfect for him to go to the lake and take pictures, hopefully capturing another award winning shot.


As Jeff approaches his spot, the same spot that he shoots from every time he comes to the lake. He hears noises, like people talking, knowing that he doesn't want to disturb them to hopefully catch them in their element, because taking natural pictures of people is rather difficult once they know they are being photographed they seem to want to put on a show and that is exactly what they do and the naturalness of the scene is gone. So he continues to sneak up and what he finds is unbelievable. Nothing he ever expected to find.


Two women one blonde and one brunette, just setting there naked looking out at the lake, it's a sight that is quite stunning and curious at the same time. As quietly as possible he pulls out his camera and begins taking pictures of the women as they set there and talk. He is far enough away that they shouldn't hear his camera click, but close enough to smell the excitement on both of the women as they sit there and think about what their next move will be. He can tell that this is affecting him as well as his member grows harder just looking at them wondering what they will do next.


It isn't long before the blonde reaches up and tucks the brunette's hair behind her ear and then begins to kiss her slowly at first but as the brunette responds passion takes over and the fierceness and desire shows in the blonde and she begins to kiss her harder and faster. The brunette responds to the blonde with the same fierceness and begins to move her hands over the blonde's body and she moans with want and need.


If Jeff had to guess he would have guessed that the brunette was the more experienced person, because she seemed to be going at the rate of the blonde and not moving any faster than the blonde was willing to do. Just then the blonde reached up and began to touch and massage the brunettes breasts, breaking her kiss and kissing her way down to the brunettes nipples, she then looked up as if to seek permission, and received it in subtle nod, she then began to lick and suck on the brunettes breasts. They both moan in complete enjoyment and need.


Then, as the blonde was getting comfortable with this her companion decided it was time to take it a step further, she laid the blonde down on the blanket and began kissing her slowly starting at her lips and then moving down her body to her nipples, then to her stomach and then she stopped looked up at her friend and with a blink of her eyes the brunette placed her fingers on the blonde's soft wet mound. She moaned with pleasure and need and the brunette went further and began to take her fingers in and out of her slowly as she continued to moan in pleasure.


Just then, the brunette leaned up and whispered something in her ear, then kissed down her body once more. Stopping when she reached her inner thigh, she looked up and winked at her friend and it was over for her. The brunette began to lick and suck on her like it was the best thing that she ever tasted, like she hadn't eaten in weeks. The blonde continued to moan louder and more breathless. She came and came hard; it was the longest orgasm he had ever seen a woman have. She laid there perfectly still catching her breath whispering something into the brunette's ear as she lay on top of her.


Just as he thought it was over, the blonde was on top of the brunette and began kissing down her body, and once she reached her soft mound she looked up at the brunette and smiled and then began to do exactly what the brunette had just done to her, it didn't take long before the brunette was moaning in pleasure and came just as hard as the blonde. They both laid there for a while catching their breath and enjoying what they had just done.


Jeff sat there and wondered what he was going to do with the pictures and what he would do with the raging hard on he had, it only took a couple of stokes and he was coming. By the time he was done the girls were dressed and heading his way. He walked towards them, stopped them and handed them the disk that contained the pictures of everything that they had just done.


Knowing it wasn't right that he had taken their pictures at all he had no right to keep them, but it turns out that they knew who he was, so they talked and decided that they would allow him to keep the disk for a percentage of the profits from the pictures and that he never tell anyone who is in the pictures.


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