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Double the Fun

Amie and Rick live a good life together; they had everything they needed, in life and from each other. Yet Amie felt as if something was missing. And so begins their journey into unchartered territory......


Amie walks into the room and takes a seat across from Rick, looks at him, then smiles and begins revealing what she needs. "Rick, there is something we need to talk about, but first I want you to know that I love you and there is nothing wrong with you or in our relationship it is me and my feelings inside."


Looking up to her in puzzling way, he says, "Ok, what is it, I know you love me, so what is bothering you?"


"I have been wondering what you would think about opening up our relationship to others, not just for me but for you as well? Please don't think I am cheating that is not the case, but I feel like there is something missing and I want you, yet I want something else as well."


"Well that is interesting, I don't really know how I feel about this, I know that if I were to agree to it that there would have to be rules, things neither of us could do to jeopardize what we have, because I don't want to lose you."


"I don't want to lose you either, but I feel like I have so much more to offer, to offer you and to offer someone else. Do you understand what I am saying?"


"Yes I understand completely, but I want you to understand that if I feel you pulling away from me, I will call this whole thing off. Amie, I understand what you are saying and I am following what you are going through and I want you to be happy and I am willing to try this, but like I said before there are going to be rules."


"Okay, what are the rules you were thinking of?"


"If at any time either of us feels threatened by the other person's relationship the other person has the right to call them out for it and ask them to back off. Second, we have to approve of the other person's partner, because after all we are going to have to spend some time together and we will all need to get along. Third, don't put the other person ahead of us; we are still the primary relationship here."


"Okay, I agree to all that, plus I think we need to communicate weekly about our other relationship how things are going and what we are planning. Second, I think that if we feel like we are falling in love with the other person, we should let each other know, and we will have to work out how to get through it, not saying the other person has to go but that we will work out an agreeable arrangement between us all."


They both agreed to the new arrangement and for the next weeks nothing changed. That is until Amie meets the new hires and Maxx the new assistant admin for the Education department.


"Hi Maxx, I'm Amie, I work in Operations."


"Hi Amie, How are you doing it is nice to meet you."


"I am doing well, it is nice to see that position finally get filled, I didn't think that it would ever get filled."


"Well I am here now, and not going anywhere so you don't have to worry about it being empty again."


"Great." And with that Amie shook his hand feeling a little spark, she smiled and walked away.


Over the next few days, Amie and Maxx would chat, and say hi in hallways when they passed. The first week for Maxx had come and gone without a hitch and he was still there and didn't seem deterred by the way things at work went sometimes.

At the end of Maxx's second week of work, he was looking for Amie and found her in her office.


"Amie, how is your day going?"


"It's going, I have a lot of filing today, it's the worst part of the job, I really shouldn't let it go this long, but I just hate doing it."


"Sorry to hear that, I would offer to help but I am in the middle of something and only have a few minutes, I came to see if you would like to get a drink after work tonight?"


"Sure that sounds great. I can leave at 5, where did you have in mind and I will meet you there?"


He told her of this little place in town and that he would see there at 5:30.


Amie walked into the bar and found him immediately sitting at a table waiting for.


"Hi, how was the rest of your filling?" He said jokingly.


"Just wonderful, I am so glad to be done with it."


They both caught each other's eyes and smiled; they could both feel the attraction they had for each other. It was electric and it was drawing them together, Amie could feel it.


"So what did I do to earn drinks with the lovely Maxx, super assistant from what I hear?"

"Well you know I am pretty super."


They both laughed at his joke.


"Amie, I just wanted to talk to you outside of the office, as this is not something I normally do, I wanted to ask you if you would like to have dinner with me? I don't make it a habit of asking out co-workers but I feel something with you a connection something I haven't felt in a long time."


"Well, I would love to have dinner with you, and to be honest I feel the same connection, but there is something I have to tell you before we actually make plans for dinner, because you may not want to have dinner with me after this."


"It can't be that bad, can it? I mean you weren't a man a few months ago were you?"


Laughing Amie says, "Ahh, no, but what I have tell you is a deal breaker for some, so here it goes. I am engaged and we are in a very strong committed relationship. However, we have an open relationship; we are what some people would call polyamorus that just means that we have both agreed to see other people and to share our lives together with someone else. I don't cheat and neither does he, but we are both open with each other, he knows about you and that I like you and about this connection we seem to have. I don't intend to leave him, but I want to be able to share my love with another person and bring that into our relationship."


Maxx looked at her amazed and confused but asked her lots of questions about how things would work if he was willing to accept things as they were.


"Amie, I like you and I feel this connection like we should be with each other. Your lifestyle is perfectly acceptable to me on the condition that you are completely honest with me about the things that are going on. And I would like you to just date me, don't start dating or seeing someone else, okay?"


"Maxx that is something that Rick and I agreed to a long time ago, that if either of us found someone to date that we would just date and be with them, we wouldn't go and set some kind of dating record. So another thing, our relationship if you agree to it stays out of the work place, we will be friendly to each other, but no romantic stuff at work or talking about our relationship to anyone at work, I am a pretty private person and don't like everyone knowing everything about me."


"Then Amie, I agree, I will be your boy toy."


At that they busted out laughing, finished their drinks and headed to a nearby restaurant for dinner. During dinner Maxx asked her all kinds of questions about her life and lifestyle.


At the end of dinner Maxx walked Amie to her car saying that he had a wonderful evening and that he hoped they could do it again real soon.


She smiled at him agreed and then leaned into him giving him a hug, but when she pulled away he wouldn't let go, she looked at him and he looked at her and he leaned in and kissed her.


Amie almost melted when his lips touched hers she could feel the warmth of his body and the electricity that sparked between them every time they touched it was incredible.


As he pulled away from her all they could say was wow and just stood there wrapped in each other's arms.


"Amie, I enjoyed that very much, I look forward to the next time," he said and he pulled away from him and opened her car door.


As soon as she opened the door to the house she shared with Rick, he could sense that something was different about her and he knew she had a lot of things to talk about.


As soon as she got through the door, she kissed Rick with such passion and want that it surprised him and made him weak at the same time.


"What has gotten into you this evening?"


"I meant someone, someone I feel that could fit in with us very well. Someone that makes me feel sparks when we touch."

"Okay, so who is this mystery man?"


"Well do you know how we have talked about Maxx? Well he is who I had drinks and dinner with. He originally asked me out to tell me that he wants to start dating me, but then I told him about our arrangement and after some questions and rules of his own he still wants to date me and is willing to accept our lifestyle. I would like to invite him over Sunday for lunch to meet you."


"This Maxx must really mean something to you if you want me to meet him already."


"He does, so do you mind if he comes over for lunch on Sunday?"


"No, I don't mind at all, baby."


Maxx came over on Sunday and everyone really seemed to hit it off. There were no hard feelings between the men they both seemed to want to be right there with Amie one on each side of her.


After that Sunday meeting, timed seemed to fly by. Weeks passed and Amie knew it was time, she wanted to stay the night with Maxx, she wanted to sleep in his bed and feel him next to her for the entire night.


It was the night, the night they were going to spend together in each other's arms.


Amie leaned into Maxx and whispered into his ear that she was ready for bed, then nibbled on his ear. Although they were not finished with dinner Maxx took Amie to his bedroom, were he had candles lit all round the room, just enough light to see the shadows of their bodies.


They stood facing each other looking each other in the eyes not saying a word, but knowing what the other was thinking, they both leaned into each other and kissed, kissed with a new sense of passion that they both had been waiting for. Maxx grabbed Amie by the waist and pulled her to the bed with him, straddling him she could feel how hard he was for her, how much he wanted her and with that she let out a soft moan letting him know that everything was okay.


Feverously Maxx began to remove Amie's clothes, once she was completely naked he said, "Do you know how beautiful you are, how I have dreamed of this moment and have wanted this for so long."


"Maxx, get naked and make love to me. I want you right now, I want to feel you inside of me, and I want to become one with you."


That's all it took and Maxx shed all of his clothes and climbed in bed on top of her, kissing her passionately before moving down her body, taking each nipple in his mouth before moving even further down her body.


"Please Maxx, I need you now," Amie said.


"I must have a little taste, just a little taste. You will have me I promise but I must have a little taste."


And as soon as the words were out of his mouth he clamped down on her, licking and sucking at her most intimate parts until he heard her scream his name and gyrate her hips all over his mouth, she was coming and came with such force that he knew she loved everything that he just did to her.


"Maxx, please now, I need you now, please," she said through shallow breaths.


That's all it took and Maxx positioned himself above her, rubbing his hard cock on her slick wet folds watching as she tried to capture him and just then he slide into her, every last inch of him was inside her and it felt like heaven, so warm that he never wanted to leave the inside of her again. He was still until he couldn't take it anymore and began moving in and out of her slowly.


"Maxx please, faster harder, I'm so close."


Knowing that he wasn't that far from his own climax he did just that, just what she begged him to do faster and harder and before he knew it she was screaming out his name and he was calling out hers. Just as her body finished milking the last of his seed from him he knew he had never felt anything like that before and wasn't sure he ever would again, but he did know that he would never stop trying and that he would never let go of Amie, she was his.


Amie kissed Maxx's hands as he wrapped them around her, pulling her as close to him as he could get her. "Maxx, that was amazing, incredible and unbelievable."


"I know, baby." Then kissed the top of her head and they fell asleep in each other's arms.


The next morning Amie returned home and told Rick everything that happened the night before and how amazing she felt. She then climbed on top of Rick and told him how much she loved him and how grateful she was to him for allowing their relationship to open up. She kissed him then, with a renewed force and passion that she hadn't expected. He loved her and she loved him and everything at that moment was right with the world. She broke away smiled at him, wiggled a little in his lap and could feel how hard he was for her, she took him by the hand and lead him up stairs to the bedroom. Once inside the room she kissed him again and began to remove his clothes, as she reached his pants she knelt down in front of him and undid his belt, opened his pants and removed them from his body. As she knelt there and he stood before her, his hard cock right in front of her face she reached up and grabbed it and began sucking on it. As his legs began to weaken so he sat on the bed and let her have her fun before pulling her mouth from him.


"You know if you keep going like that I am going to come in your mouth and I want to, no I need to feel you right now."


She stood and climbed into bed, and he climbed on top of her. Pressing into her open slit he could feel how wet she was for him and how ready she was for him and that was all it took, he pounded into her and didn't stop until she was screaming his name over and over again. As her body began its final squeeze of him it drove him over the edge, and he came, calling her name and telling her how much he loved her.


As they laid there wrapped in each other's arms, Amie, wondered how she got so lucky to have two men in her life that wanted and adored like Rick and Maxx do.


Weeks passed and she knew she loved Maxx, knew that she loved them both, and knew that from this moment nothing in her life was going to be the same again. She knew it was time to tell him how she felt and to tell Rick how she felt about Maxx as well.


Amie let both men know that she wanted to have dinner with both of them, so the following Saturday she had both men sitting at the dinner table and they had just finished eating. She then stood and began taking off her clothes looking at both men, who sat there with puzzled faces.


"I want to have you both right now; I want the both of you in my bed and both at the same time. I am going back to the bedroom and I hope that you two will not be long behind me."


And with that, Amie walked to the bedroom and waited for them to come to her.

Maxx looked and Rick and said, "Is this okay with you?"


Rick looked at Maxx and asked him the same question. They both got up at the same time and walked to the bedroom, to find Amie laying on the bed waiting for them.


"I want you both inside me at the same time; I need to feel you both."


Maxx and Rick both began to strip their clothing off and climb into bed. Rick began kissing Amie as Maxx began sucking on her nipples and rubbing her already wet mound with his fingers.


It wasn't long before she was positioning herself above Maxx, to allow him the pleasure of entering her ass, it took some time because Maxx wasn't small by any means but she took it all and enjoyed it, sitting there open and waiting it was time for Rick to enter her and he did.


They all began moving together, and then it happened Amie began to have the most powerful orgasm she had ever had, then Maxx and Rick joined her all three of them coming at the same time it was music to each one of them. They each knew that the other had never experienced anything like this before it was magic and they knew it.

They all lay there in perfect silence, not wanting to forget how they were feeling at that very moment. It was Amie who broke the silence first.

"Rick, I love you, this was absolutely perfect." She then kissed him and rolled over.

Looking at Maxx she said, "Maxx, I love you too, I never want to lose you," then kissed him and sat up.

"I love you both, you both mean the world to me and I never want to lose either of you."

Maxx looked at Rick seeking permission to speak first. Rick nodded and he began, "Amie, I love you as well and have for some time, tonight was amazing and want you forever." He got up and reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a box, opened it and said, "Amie, I love you, and with this ring I promise to always love you, will you please marry me as well?"

Amie began to cry and looked at Rick; he was smiling so she knew that he knew this was coming. She looked back at Maxx and said "Yes."

He placed the ring on her finger and she quickly leaned over to him and began kissing him.

Right then she knew her life was perfect, she has to men in her life that love and adore her, who she also loves and adores and she couldn't ask for anything more.

A few weeks later they were all living together, and planning a commitment ceremony, since she legally can't marry both men, they agreed to a commitment ceremony binding them all together for the rest of their lives.


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