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So I have been busy working on Riding the Waves and I am hoping to get it done by Sunday so that I can publish it for all my loyal fans. Here's a preview for you:

“I know he isn’t going to quit until he gets what he wants, but trust me beautiful, he isn’t going to get you. Once we dock I am going to take you to your place to pick up some clothes and whatever else you may need. Then we are going to meet with your security at the club and we are going to brief them on the situation, I am going to make sure that they know what to look out for while you are there. We are then going to come back here and I am going to have you again and finally we are going to sleep and only sleep so no matter how much you wiggle that cute little ass of yours into me and how hard I get we are only sleeping.”

On a different note, wednesday my son says to me that he would like our dog to have puppies, but right now she isn't pretty enough to get a boyfriend. That I needed to get her hair cut so that she will be pretty, get a boyfriend and have puppies....Needless to say I had to explain to him that girl dogs don't have to be pretty to have puppies.

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