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New Book

I am currently in the process of working on my new book, Into the Wolf's Den. It's about a plus sized beauty named Trina who doesn't think she is good enough for a hot wolf shifter. But little does she know she is just his type. Will she be able to get over her issues to enjoy her hottie or will something else bring them to crashing hault?

This book is in its very beginning stages but here is a excerpt from the very beginning of the book: Enjoy!

"You know Trina; it’s been a long time since we have been out, so why don't we go out this Friday? We could try the Wolf's Den, I hear the new owner is pretty hot and a wolf shifter. You know what they say about wolf shifters right?" Amy says as she stuffs a spoonful of cookie dough ice cream in her mouth. "Amy I know you have been dying to go out there but do we really have to go? All we are going to do is drool over a hot guy so far out of our league, we will have to come home early and finish ourselves off to thoughts of the hot bartender." Trina finished her last bite and then put the ice cream container back in the freezer. "I take it since you put the ice cream away we are finished and you are going on Friday? Come on Trina, we go out have a good time and leave the rest up to fate. What could go wrong, besides our batteries being dead when we get home?" "First of all I'm full, secondly there is a lot that could go wrong and thirdly I’m not giving into you yet, besides I just bought new batteries." "Well, what will it take?" Amy said as she put on her best pouty face.

Please let me know what you think so far.


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